QVD Aquaculture: A history of quality

As world class leader in product quality, QVD Aquaculture has a rich history.  QVD USA was founded in 1985 as the US arm of the Vietnamese based QVD by experts with over 80 years of management experience in aquaculture. At that time the company was developed as a vertically integrated operation, bringing products directly to consumers. In 2014 QVD USA was purchased by our current owner and CEO and restructured to better serve the US market.



Since the time of the creation of QVD USA we have earned many significant achievements that include having the first Pangasius facility in the world to be approved by the USDC, the first BAP certified Pangasius farm and factory in the world, and the first 4 star BAP certified Chinese operation.







QVD Aquaculture today

QVD Aquaculture’s corporate headquarters is in the United States where our dedicated team supports a domestic customer base, delivering products to destinations all over the U.S.




The World’s Most Delicious Seafood

Our international resources consist of farms, factories and storage facilities. Our family of dedicated professionals work hard to ensure only the highest quality product is sourced. From feed and farm, to the processing facility, to shipment and warehousing, we oversee the entire process.

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