Our dedicated operations team in the U.S. supports our customers by sourcing only the best global aquaculture and wild caught products. We get them where you need them to be, when you need them to be there. The QVD Aquaculture family manages every step of the process. Whether it be by container ship, railroad, or truck, your shipment needs are covered with us. Our team of logistics experts operates at a world class level, ensuring your product arrives on time and on budget. We pride ourselves on being responsive and indispensable to our customers. Our staff is available 24-7 to answer logistic and product related questions.


We source our products from all over the world: Swai from the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, Norwegian and Atlantic Salmon, Atlantic Scallops, Alaskan King Crab, Snow Crab from Canada, Greenland, and Norway, Mahi-Mahi from South America, and White Shrimp from the Gulf. The products we carry meet the highest standards of the internationally recognized, third party independent organizations listed below.