Farm Raised & Wild Caught White Shrimp

We here at QVD Aquaculture are proud to offer two White Shrimp products under our Harvest Pearl brand. Product versatility allows us to bring our customers what they need when they need it. Our shrimp, like all our products, are…

Direct from the Source. Directly tailored to your needs.

Domestic White Shrimp

Litpanaeus Setiferus is wild caught in the nutrient rich waters of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. The species natural habitat imparts a delicious, one of kind flavor unmatched in the marketplace. Our white shrimp are mild and subtle in flavor with a snap-like bite and a succulent yet firm texture.

Raw shrimp on white background
Farm Raised White Shrimp

Penause Vannamei is the most successfully aquacultered shrimp, accounting for more than 60% of all farm-raised shrimp.