How does safety taste? Rather delicious, it turns out.

Saying that we have a rigorous quality control regimen would be an understatement. At QVD Aquaculture, our underlying philosophy is this: test our products at every single stage, multiple times. By adhering to this philosophy, we’re able to assure that our commitment to premium quality remains paramount.

We test everything we do, everywhere we do it. At the river, the Mekong River Commission monitors water levels quarterly—in several targeted locations. At the farms, we test all water regularly, collecting samples and sending them to 3rd party certified labs for review. And at our factories, we monitor and test all equipment throughout the day. In addition, the fish are not just tested by QVD labs, but also by independent 3rd party labs to ensure premium quality and unbiased, neutral grading.

And by keeping our standards high and our methods painstaking, we’re able to deliver products that are safer and better quality—not to mention better tasting too.