Swai Moisture Levels – QVD Aquaculture gets it right

Take a look at the pictures of Swai fillets below.

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Can you see the difference? The Swai fillet on the left is firm and flaky. When you taste it you will notice that it has a sweet, mild flavor. The fillet to the right is Mushy, soft, gelatinous. It’s flavor is slightly metallic with hints of ammonia and a heavy, salty flavor.

So what sets them apart? In a word:


It’s a word that every commercial seafood buyer in America should know (and every consumer for that matter!) Why moisture? Because seafood producers around the world are notorious for increasing the amount of moisture in the products they sell for one reason. You guessed it: profit.

And if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. More moisture = more weight = more product sold = more profit. How do they do it? And how does it affect the buyers, and ultimately the consumers? Read on…

When it comes to moisture there are a few key things you should know. A Swai fish you catch out of the river for instance has a natural moisture level. Makes sense right? Even humans are something like 70% water. Swai, it turns out, have a natural moisture level around 74%.

Well, the problem is, if you raise or line catch Swai and want to freeze it and transport it half way around the world, the freezing process takes a toll in terms of moisture. The freezing and thawing process dries out Swai. They freeze, they thaw, and when they do, they lose moisture. A Swai fillet in it’s natural state of 74% moisture will lose around 10% of its moisture should it be frozen and thawed, which is why any decent frozen fish importer worth their skin will add moisture to fish prior to the freezing process.

At QVD Aquaculture we add THE MINIMAL AMOUNT OF MOISTURE NECESSARY  for the fish to make the journey. Which is to say, if the freezing and thawing process takes 10% away, we add 10%. The result? After the Swai makes the journey, and thaws out, IT RETURNS ITS NATURAL STATE! When you thaw out a Swai fillet from QVD Aquaculture, you’ll enjoy a product with a moisture level the same as if you had just fished it out of the water yourself.

To be honest, the biggest challenge the QVD family faces (and it’s one we enjoy taking on..) is educating buyers and consumers that the market prices they’re quoted everyday for Swai is BASED ON A MARKET FLOODED WITH LOW QUALITY, HIGH MOISTURE PRODUCT! Of course our competitors are offering a few cents cheaper per pound this week: THEY’RE SELLING YOU WATER! So make sure you ask the vendor selling you your Swai what the moisture level is. And make sure you contact us at QVD Aquaculture before you say yes to an offer because, you can rest assured, we have a premium product at a price you can afford, and what you get with us is all Swai, no extra moisture.

Please contact the QVD US Headquarters us at 425-637-0090 or email us at sales@qvdaquaculture.com today for information about products and services.